Quoin Cards


With the ever-growing demand for contactless exchange, the idea of having only one business card aligned perfectly with Quoin Card's mission of eliminating paper waste. With the use of QR Technology, printed onto a durable metal card, the Quoin card allows you to share your contact information through a quick contactless digital scan of the QR code.


Founded between me and my business partner, the project was developed during our studies and through our passion for helping people connect and communicate. efficiently. Through our conversations, we realized the potential for a more sustainable and innovative method of sharing professional contact information.
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The Overview


As the co-founder, web designer, and content creator, I was in charge of the start-up's digitalization. To ensure a consistent brand, I established the corporate colors, design, typography, tone of voice, and positioning.

The Discovery

Our Target Market:

Spain has one of the fastest-growing startup ecosystems in Europe and is known for its large corporate companies. Our main focus consisted of a business-to-business (B2B) approach.

Market Analysis:

Although Spain has a large volume of business owners, there was something missing, a lack of innovation in the networking aspect. In countries like the United Kingdom and The United States, contactless business cards are sold as a premium product. Therefore we proceeded to brand Quoin Cards as a sustainable business card. Enabling us to be 70% more affordable than the competitor's products.

The Process

Product Decisions:

During the start-up's product decision, many factors were taken into consideration. While focusing on the target market and product, we decided to make the product more accessible by using a metal material and reducing the markup. By doing this, companies and start-ups are able to save thousands of euros annually by simply buying one metal business card instead of thousands of paper ones. The implementation of a contactless method also allows our product to be innovative and desirable, giving a style of professionalism and sophistication to those who use a Quoin Card.


The first and most essential step was creating the website. Our main focus was to transmit a feeling of innovation, transparency, and trust. Having this in mind, creating a modern mockup for the hero image, having a 'trusted by' section, and showing who is behind the project was necessary. As the website kept expanding, I added easier ways to facilitate my work. Certain content was easily implemented through a content management system (CMS). To further expand our point of transparency and trust, I embedded an Instagram slider completely automated using Zapier to showcase our brand.

The Outcome

Learning Points:

Quoin Cards allowed me to experience the process of creating a real business for the first time. From participating in business development to creating an entire website using different tools and programs such as Figma, Zapier, Illustrator, Webflow, and After Effects. This project encouraged me to pursue my passion for UX | UI design and start-ups.

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