As the new generations of neobanks and financial technology companies emerge, creating a simple yet powerful landing page is essential for a start-up. Sendit is a fintech company challenging traditional online money transfer and budgeting companies.


Moving abroad to Spain to pursue my higher education made me experience the difficulty of sending and receiving money. Throughout my first year, I realized traditional banks and money transfer services do not use real-time market rates and have hidden fees. After finding a transparent money transfer company, I knew I needed to be part of the change; Helping to make financial transactions more accessible and friendly to everyone
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The Overview


As the web designer, my main tasks were creating a landing page, illustrations, stop motion graphics, and building mock-ups.

The Process

Ideation & Design:

I started by looking for inspiration from big fintech companies like Wise, Revolut, and N26. After studying the design and style of said companies, I began brainstorming, letting my ideas run free as part of the ideation process. After developing a large number of ideas, I started evaluating each and every one of them, in order to sort out the best concepts. Once these ideas were determined, I started building the wireframe of the landing page, where I created the lo-fi version using Figma.

Content Creation:

I used Webflow to create Sendit's landing page. The hero image of the page (transparent cards) was created using Figma. Symbols and icons were edited/created using the noun project and Illustrator. While the phone mockups were created using Figma and animated with Jitter.

The Outcome


The Sendit landing page was created to showcase my work, experience, and belief in the new generation of transparency in the financial technology industry.

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